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Wurm Online - Impalong

Wurm Online - Impalong Christmas 2014

Wurm Impalong Day 1 (Friday)

After a long 6 hour journey in my rowboat I reached the city, where this years Christmas Immpalong was held, halfway alive: Glasshollow Market on the server Xanadu.

Image: Journey - Short rest at Tenakill's Landing Image: Glasshollow Market - Arrival at the Harbour, left side Image: Glasshollow Market - Harbour, right side

As I stepped out of my boat I first saw some skeletons standing at the pier, that really scared me, but the nearby necromancer told me that his creatures are harmless.

Image: Harbour Gate Image: Harbour, welcoming committee

First I explored the city a bit, and found the church. Here I visited one of the uncountable sermons this evening, and because I still don't have a god, a priest converted me to Magranon.

Image: Harbour and offshore isle Image: Main street and market stalls Image: Avatar Rudolph Image: Church with christmas tree

I walked through the streets of Glasshollow Market, when Rockybalboa, the initiator of this years festival, called out for all new visitors to come to the token and collect their welcome gifts. So I went to the token and got a small satchel, a pretty lamp of decent quality and a nice Mol Rehan Kingdom Banner with christmas greetings were in it. As soon as I'm home again I'll find a good place for it. :)

Of course, this was an impalong, so I wanted to get my noob armor a bit polished, and here the real adventure began.
First I asked for the way and got a description and was told what to do exactly, but... I got a bit lost on that way, here is a short chat about that (I deleted unimportant stuff in-between):

(me) if I will ever find the smithy am I allowed to give him both my boots or only one of them? someone said only one item of each type
(Player1) deposit them in the appropriate forge or drop off coffin
(Player2) 2 boots, 2 gloves, 4 horse shoes
(Player1) and they will get done
(Player3) smithy is south from token
(Player3) building on right
(Player3) south from token building on right just before the gates
(Player4) top of the hill last right
(me) is this the blacksmith?
(me) guys, where shall I drop my armor pieces in to get imped?

(Player5) where are you?
(Player5) i can show you
(me) I believe at the smithing house
(Player6) smithing apartment, 2nd floor
(Player7) inside the smithing house look for the Armour forge
(me) oh, then I'm somewhere else :D
(me) I'm lost

(Rockybalboa) deed map for everyone on forums
(Rockybalboa) link them map of deed

(me) I'm a woman, maps don't help me :P
(Player8) lmao
(Player9) lol
(Player10) haha

(Player8) I argued with my Ex on this game all the time about that
(Player8) she didnt know where she was anytime lol
(Player8) but insisted she did lol
(Player11) thats why Rolf gave us compass, and no map (Note: Rolf is the developer of Wurm Online)
(Player7) turn left at the fire hydrant, go down to the post office, enter the super market, look for the armour smithing isle
(me) :D
(Player7) hhehheheheeh
(me) ∗ goes to watch that video again just to find the smithy :D ∗
(Player12) lol

well yeah, you see it wasn't that easy to find the damn smithy, but after half an hour I stood in front of the smithy and put my armor in one of the forges to get it imped. (At least I made the chat a bit happier :D)
I explored the city a bit more, watched a few games, like one where the players had to find a key to open a chest to get the content, and after a while I closed off this evening with a last visit of a sermon and a prayer at the local church.
Over all this day was pretty good, even the part where I did get lost on my search for the smithy...

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Wurm Impalong Day 2 (Saturday)

Today we had a lot of fun... not even one hour after I logged in, a duel between two players started over some coins. Sadly, no winner could be chosen because suddenly GM Logi appeared, asked if we are feeling alright and then told us to get ready for a fight.
Ohh help... he totally began to spawn some monsters right where I stood and watched the duel. With my armor still lying in the smithy and a fighting skill on Xanadu of only 7, I took my feet in my hands and started to run. I did hide behind the city's gate, outside, because inside GM Logi did fly in the sky and spawned several monsters. :)

Image: GM Logi in the sky Image: Warriors gathering for the GM event

The first monsters were called Peeeeeps and looked like little rats, but the warriors didn't had time to breath, because GM Logi summoned Champion Nightmares, Gremlins, Cave Bugs and all sorts of weird stuff from heaven down to earth, even cows that looked like angry sheep.
A small problem happened when he summoned something, that attacked the Tower Guards, but he went there quickly and got rid of this monster again.
Another bad thing seemed to have happened to the god avatars, at least GM Logi sent a message through chat that we should call the wildlife support if we see wild avatars.
(Oh dear, hopefully I'll get back home alive.) :D

Image: GM Logi spawns monsters for the warriors Image: GM Logi spawns more monsters Image: GM Logi spawns Champion Nightmares

Well, at least I had a shovel with me, so I could help with burrying all those monster corpses... when suddenly the mayor of the town (Rockybalboa) appeared and wondered why half the city lied in ruins. (see Before/After-Pictures :D).

Image: Monster corpses lying around Image: Burrying the monster corpses Image: BEFORE - both city gates still standing Image: AFTER - GM Logi had finished, no more outer city gate there

GM Logi quickly said goodbye, before the mayor could get really angry, and wished us all a good time on the Impalong.

After the monster-show was over and everything was repaired again (except some walls and the gate), I visited the big marketplace and bought some nice things, which I could probably use. After the shopping tour I went to the church once again and sat down on one of the new chairs at the well, here I waited for the rest of my armor pieces to get imped to quality 70, obviously could still take a while.

Image: Smithy - first floor with troll statue

Later that evening Rockybalboa called us to gather around the token, the first one to arrive would win 1 Silver. (Note: Glasshollow Market is the deed Slovenia, the Glasshollow Token is the one of the starter town Glasshollow.)
Nope, no chance, I won't go there, I would probably just got lost again on the way, and it's also pretty dangerous out there without a good armor. Sure, I missed the search for the 4 Xmas-eggs, he placed there and which we had to find, but... yeah whatever. :)
The biggest fish that was caught this evening during the fishing event had 23 kg this evening. That second day was as much fun as the first.

Image: Hota-Statue, price for the winner of the fishing event Image: Hota-Statue, price for the winner of some event

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Wurm Impalong Day 3 (Sunday)

The last day of the Impalong was much more relaxing, but did hold some unknown surprises. One of the Spirit-Templers which should secure the deed got wild, obviously he wasn't paid good enough. First he attacked a newbie that, of course, just died. The nearby priest saw the only solution in killing the templar, overall that templar died 6 or 7 times this evening through the hands of the Magranon priest Fireriders.
After the people calmed down a bit, the necromancer Zaz, who summoned those skeletons at the harbour before, held a sermon for the newbie and the fallen templar in the church.

Image: Necromancer Zaz holds sermon in church

For me it was time to sail home, so I collected my armor and all tools, which were thankfully upgraded to high quality (even my old rowboat got an overhaul to 50ql), and then I went to the harbour. Before I set sail I said thanks to everybody who made this event possible and then I left the harbour... but not without making one last screenshot.

Image: Harbour at night - time to sail home

Halfway through the last underground boat tunnel I reached a cave-in. Geez... oh but my pickaxe was now imped up to 62ql, so I just tunneled my way free and about four and a half hours later I finally reached my deed.
Quickly I kissed my spirit templar, who fought that annoying anaconda for me (which bit me all the way up from the harbour to my deed) and then I went tired but happy to bed. :)

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