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Available Downloads

The Witcher Downloads

Module Evil Decision
To download the Evil Decision module just click here:
Download: Mod Evil Decision for The Witcher 1 (.rar-file, 149 MB)

Users have to install this package and the including files themselves into the correct folders of their Witcher installation, make sure you read the included Readme-file, it tells you where to put each file!
You also need Win-Rar or Win-Zip to unpack the downloaded file.

Note: The last proofed patch version Evil Decision is running correctly with is the patch 1.4 that came with the Enhanced Edition of The Witcher 1.

If you have trouble installing the mod you can write to my support address service[at]raventeam.de.

Wallpapers for Evil Decision
The Raventeam has also created 2 wallpapers for Evil Decision, one Dark theme and one Light theme. They are packed with Win-Rar and you can click here to download them:
Download: Evil Decision Wallpapers

Raven's WFX Effects
This .pdf-file is a complete list of all WFX-effects available in the D'Jinni-Toolset. However, this list is only available in german, but it is completely pictured so it may be of use for non-german speakers too. You need Win-Rar or Win-Zip to unpack it and also Adobe Reader to read it.
To download the file Raven's WFX Effects just click here:
Download: Raven's WFX-Effects for D'Jinni (.rar-file, 165 MB)

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Dragon Age Downloads

Raven's Ferelden Map
This is my old design of the Ferelden map, it is based on the template taken from the book The Stolen Throne by David Gaider. It doesn't fit the original map that was released with the game later, but at the time I made it, it was a first imagination of the kingdom Ferelden.

A new picture of this map in higher resolution is available, the map is now similiar to the worldmap on Bioware's site. Some cities are replaced and also streets and some smaller things. The black points with an S are the entrances (seals) to the Deep Roads and the red and white numbered points mark some important places in my Dragon Age Mod Heart of fiery Depths (which was canceled due to many problems with the Microsoft Server 2005 the Toolset needed).
Raven's Ferelden Map can be downloaded here:
Download: Raven's Ferelden Map (Bitmap-file 3947x2800, packed as .rar, 12MB)

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All screenshots on my website are from different games I play, most of those pictures are stored in a nice gallery for that particular game and that gallery is linked on the game's page then.
However, sometimes I may have some pictures without having a corresponding game page for them, in that case that gallery is linked in the side-navigation on the gallery's main page. And the gallery main page can be reached here (or through the side-navigation):
Screenshot Gallery (Overview)

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In this section you can find everything that doesn't fit in any of the other categories, things like my small Map Making Tutorial (which is not a real tutorial at all). If necessary I might make a new section for that kind of stuff, but as long as there are only very few things to fill in, it stays here.

Ferelden Map Making
This is just a Making of..., it shows only how my old Dragon Age Map was made using the Campaign Cartographer 3, a pretty good map making software by ProFantasy. The map itself was made for the module Heart of fiery Depths the Raventeam wanted to make for Dragon Age (that mod was cancelled due to tons of horrible system crashes caused by the Microsoft SQL-Server 2005 which was needed to run the toolset).
The Making of is based on the only map of the kingdom Ferelden we knew at that time, the map within the book of David Gaider. So this is only a short overview of how to make a map, that's all.
Making of: Ferelden Map

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